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Комплексные учения личного состава

Комплексные учения личного состава.

About the Enterprise

State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant» (SE RIC PCP) was established in 1929 as an enterprise for production of explosive materials and charging of ammunition for various purposes (artillery, aviation, navy, engineering etc.).

In the 1960s the enterprise started production of composite solid propellants, loaded motor cases and rocket motors of weight 1 kg to 50000 kg.

Nowadays SE RIC PCP is one of the leading Ukrainian enterprises in the fields of

  • Production:
    • explosives, composite solid rocket propellants and items of their content;
    • drilling and blasting operations;
  • Disposal
    • various types of ammunition unsuitable for further storage and application;
    • solid propellant;
  • Scientific research on:
    • development of high-energetic materials and items;
    • development of technologies for production and disposal of explosive materials and items;
  • Design and engineering:
    • technologies and equipment for production and disposal of explosion and fire dangerous materials and items;
    • technologies and tailored equipment for production of polymer and composite materials.

Production activities, services, scientific, research and development activities of the enterprise are ISO certified:

  1. ISO 9001:2000 – Quality Management System
  2. ISO 14001 :2004 – Environmental Management System
  3. OHSAS 18001:1999 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System

State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant» participates in programs:


  1. 1. On elimination of strategic armaments, within of «The Treaty Between the USA and the USSR on Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms» signed 31/07/1991, and its Lisbon START Protocol signed 23/05/1992, regarding Ukraine’s commitments on eliminating ICBM SS-24;


  1. Comprehensive Programme of Stage-by-stage Reduction and Elimination of ICBM SS-24 approved by the President’s Instruction of 02/12/1997;
  2. Programme on Disposal of Solid Propellant of ICBM SS-24 approved by Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.1684 dated 29/10/2000 (read with Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.1262 dated 22/09/2004);
  3. Programme on Disposal of Conventional Types of Ammunition Unsuitable for Further Application and Storage approved by Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.40 - 1 of 20/01/1995;
  4. Regional Comprehensive Programme on Conversion of Mining Enterprises to Use of Environmentally Safe and TNT-free Explosives; Development of blasting science in Ukraine (Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No.21858/45 of 27/01/1996)

The Enterprise is a member of the Interdepartmental Enterprise Association of Producers and Consumers of Industrial Explosives «Ukrvzryvprom» (Ukrainian Explosive Industry). Leading specialists of the enterprise are members of the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE).

State Enterprise Research-Industrial Complex «Pavlograd Chemical Plant» maintains long-term mutually beneficial cooperation on production supplies and offering services to foreign companies in 20 countries all over the world.






Адрес: 51402 г. Павлоград
ул. Заводская, 44
Т/ф: (0563) 26-60-08 пр. ,
26-60-01 ф., 26-60-00
E-mail: dirphz@pkhz.dp.ua